Our first Slidoo blog entry!

Finally after six months of long work the Slidoo.com website is working!

For now, this websites works with very basic but at the same time clear and fast features. That was our priority. We didn’t like the slowness and complexity of the eBay website. We wanted something simply. We plan to continually increase the speed of the website and we will add some more essential features during the next weeks.

The biggest new feature will be the realization of the Slidoo Amazon version. It will have somewhat different sliders than the current Slidoo eBay site. And some extra features not seen on Slidoo eBay too.

So much is happening and ongoing and we appreciate every feedback we can get from you! It will help us to quickly correct the direction of our work and make your experience even more pelasant.

A big hug from the Slidoo team!

Ale, Andrea, Mate, Richard, Melle and Elena :)